Faces of the LSC

Olethea Brown      
Major/Minor: Journalism (with broadcast concentration) / Political Science
College: Liberal Arts
Year: Senior

Campus and Community Involvement: Presidential Ambassador, CTV Reporter, Peer Mentor for BAACC Office 2012-2011, SLiCE 2011-2012
LSC Love: "I love the community aspect of the Lory Student Center. When I walk into the student center, I feel a connection with my peers. To me, it is a space on campus where you can see a majority of the CSU population in one place and socialize with them. There’s so many different services that the Lory Student Center offers from the career center to the cultural centers. When you step into the LSC you get energized! There is always something going on - from events to campus tours. I enjoy being able to see all of these things as well as participate in them. I currently hold two jobs in the LSC and I wouldn’t want to work in any other building on campus. The LSC staff is pretty incredible and they all keep smiles on their faces. I love how the student center tells a story with the numerous pictures on the walls, it is like reliving past experiences. It’s important to progress but its just as important to know your history. All in all I love the LSC for what it offers and the promise it holds for the future."


Hannah Bruner      
Major/Minor: Political Science / Media Studies
College: Liberal Arts
Year: Senior

Campus and Community Involvements: LSC Governing Board, Pre-Law Club, CSU Bookstore Student Manager, United Nations Club, Intern at the Law Offices of Erik G. Fischer, Middle School Youth Group Leader

LSC Love: "I love that the Lory Student Center is a second home for many. It is the heart of our campus. Not only is it a place to grab lunch and seek out information, it is a place of employment for so many students that need financial assistance through work-study. I personally spend at least 40 hours per week in the student center. I have been working at the CSU Bookstore since the summer before I became a freshman. I have met so many people through my job and I have been presented with many great opportunities. I have also been involved in the LSC Governing Board since I was a freshman. I began as a general member of the board and have since moved up to secretary and now vice chair. It has been an amazing experience and it has given me an even greater appreciation for the student center. I love the LSC; It is more than a building. The LSC is what I will always remember from my college years because it holds most of my college memories."

Madison Calzavara      
Major/Minor: Business / Economics
College: Business
Year: Sophomore

Campus and Community Involvements: RHA Director of Public Relations, RHA Senator, RHA Vice President, National Residents Honorary Member, RHA/LSCGB Liaison, LSC Governing Board Marketing Chair

LSC Love: "I love the Lory Student Center because it is the heart of campus and connects all of the different organizations and students together. From the SLiCE office to the counseling center to the food court, the LSC provides all of the resources students need in one easy location. With all of the different colleges on campus students can become segmented from each other based on their major; the Lory Student Center ensures a location that all the majors meet up and interact with each other helping everyone to stay connected to the entire university rather than just their specific college. I love the Lory Student Center because it is a fun, inviting place that connect students to different organizations and each other while providing a plethora of amazing resources."


Deanna Cox      

Major/Minor: Natural Resources Management &Journalism and Technical Communication /Global Environmental Sustainability
College:Warner College of Natural Resources, Liberal Arts
Year: Sophomore

Campus and Community Involvements: Undergraduate Research Assistant- Soil Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning Laboratory, Secretary, Warner College of Natural Resources Council, Associate Editor, Journal of Undergraduate Research, Harp Ensemble

LSC Love: "I love that the Lory Student Center is not only a place for student services and activities, but also a place for creativity and camaraderie. I have attended and been part of such a wide range of events at the LSC because it is so versatile and lends itself to so many needs.  The LSC truly embodies what I was looking for in a university with its students feelings of fellowship, community, and involvement. The LSC is also resilient; after surviving the flood of 1997, it reopened its doors and continued to be an integral part of campus life. What I love most about the LSC, however, is the way it serves as a module for student connection and interaction. Just last week I took part in a flash mob in the plaza to raise awareness for Water Crisis Week. The plaza has been host to so many other events including Native American powwows, campaigns for ASCSU leadership, and 'I Love CSU' Day. I think we are truly fortunate to have this kind of public forum where we can express our ideas, get in touch with other students, and be exposed to cultural aspects of the CSU community that we may otherwise never encounter."


Robert Harris      
Major/Minor: Biology & Psychology / Biomedical Science
College: Natural Sciences
Year: Senior

Campus and Community Involvements:  Senator for the College of Natural Sciences, ASCSU, Vice President for Students as Leaders in Science, Vice President of Community Service for SACNAS, Vice President for the College of Natural Sciences College Council, Pre-Medical member, University Facility Fee Advisory board member
LSC Love:  "I love the dynamic atmosphere of the Lory Student Center. It can house a plethora of meeting spaces for every student organization, which allows students from very diverse backgrounds to meet and collaborate. I love that I can go from a meeting about community service focused on helping the surrounding Fort Collins community to an ASCSU Senate meeting where I can voice the concern of the students and make an impact on campus. I love being able to eat lunch with a long-time friend to being able to go to a play or formal event in the LSC Theatre, all in the same day. The LSC is paramount to the CSU campus and the Fort Collins community."


Mohamed Jefri      
Major/Minor: Business Administration (with corporate finance concentration)
College: Business
Year: Senior

Campus and Community Involvements:  LSC Governing Board, TKE Fraternity, ASCSU, UMC, Muslim Student Association, SALAM, Saudi Student House, TSA, Uni. Velg. ICC Coordinator, BUS150 teaching assistant
LSC Love: "Oh God, I love everything. I love that is the heart of the campus literally and figuratively. It’s the place to get involved, find a job, make friends, study, have fun, and fall in love. The LSC has been my home throughout my career at CSU. It is where I have felt warm, found food (sometimes free), had fun, and created the most memories over the last four years."


Ashleigh Jesionowski      
Major/Minor:  Zoology / Business Administration
College: Natural Sciences
Year: Senior

Campus and Community Involvements: LSC Governing Board, Student Fee Review Board, LSC Master Plan Committee, A/V Technician at the LSC, Diversity Grant Chair, Travel Grant Committee
LSC Love: "I love that the Lory Student Center can be a home away from home for every student.  It's the one building on campus that has something for everyone and always feels like a welcoming environment.  It can be a study space, an event space, work place, lunch room, and a whole laundry list of things for every student, depending on how they want to use it.  I've always felt a sense of unity in the LSC, where no matter where you walk, there are smiling faces, people willing to help you, or a friendly person greeting you.  I love that the people and groups who spend time in the student center are like one big family and the LSC can be a second home.  For me it is a work place, a hang out spot, a meeting space, a concert venue, a dining space, and a study space.  It has everything I could ask for."


Regina Martel      
Major/Minor: Political Science / Communications
College: Liberal Arts
Year: Senior

Campus and Community Involvements: ASCSU President, RamRide, DCOS, President's Leadership Program, Student Fee Review Board/Student Funding Board
LSC Love: "I work everyday at the Lory Student Center and it really has become my second home. It is a great place to hang out in between classes if I ever have a few free minutes. I enjoy all of the convenience that it is in the central hub of campus. The idea that my office is right next to the food court which is across the hall from offices that I interact with on a daily basis makes it one of the best buildings on campus. More than just its location, the Lory Student Center provides a place where you can walk around and always see a friendly face that you know."


Ryan Moulden      
Major/Minor: Communication/ / Business Administration
College: Liberal Arts
Year: Senior

Campus and Community Involvements: Admissions Ambassador, Presidential Ambassador, Orientation Leader (2 years), Traditions Council Member, Key Service alumnus, GUIDE, Cam's Lobby Shop employee, Theta Chi Fraternity President, CSUnity volunteer (3 years)
LSC Love: "The Lory Student Center is truly the heart of Colorado State University.  Not only by its physical location, but even more so by the many services and areas of student life that engage with the Lory Student Center.  The LSC is where students go to find community and build a campus culture outside of the classroom.  The areas for growth and development that one can find in the student center are equally important to the academic opportunities across campus. I love it there because it serves in so many roles for so many different people.  For one, maybe it’s a great place to work and a convenient spot to grab lunch, for others it can mean where they have made lifelong friends and lasting memories.  The functions of the LSC are as broad and encompassing as the student body within it."


Adele Nez      
Major/Minor: Civil Engineering
College: Engineering
Year: Senior

Campus and Community Involvements: Native American Cultural Center, Eagle Feather Program Tutor, American Indian Science and Engineering Society Chapter Secretary, Native American Student Association, CSU Honors Program
LSC Love: "One thing that I love about the Lory Student Center is the collective space that represents CSU's past, present, and future. Everywhere you look there is evidence of CSU's history, cultural pride, dedication to education, representation for students, student run programs, and forward thinking projects. It is a space where everyone has a place and where everyone can feel welcome despite differences in ethnicity, sexual orientation, activities, political views, or any other defining factor. I feel that I am always at home in the Lory Student Center and I have felt that way since the first time I walked on campus as a freshman. I appreciate the welcoming environment that the Lory Student Center has and I hope that that feeling will only be enhanced with the new and improved LSC."


Brieon Paige      
Major/Minor:  Communication Studies / Ethnic Studies
College: Liberal Arts
Year: Senior

Campus and Community Involvements: CSU Volleyball Team, Black Student Association, Athletes in Action, Open Door Mission Volunteer, Youth Volunteer Volleyball Coach at Timberline Church
LSC Love: "I love the atmosphere that the Lory Student Center creates. I walk in and I am immediately intrigued with the celebrations of CSU. Lory gives people the opportunity to voice their opinions in a setting that doesn't put stress on an onlooker. Lory celebrates not just students here but also CSU student athletes.  As I go to the downstairs level of Lory, I see myself, along with a couple of other athletes' photos, posted by doors, in windows or even just out in the open.  Lory celebrates everyone and gives unity a new meaning."


Sam Raso      
Major/Minor: Sociology and Ethnic Studies / Interdisciplinary of Diversity in Law
College: Liberal Arts
Year: Senior

Campus and Community Involvements: iBox Specialist, Pi Lambda Chi Latina Sorority, Inc., Diversity and Social Justice Programmer, Resource Leader (El Centro), United Women of Color, ASCSU, Key Academic, LSC Master Plan Committee, SDPS, Mentor Rocky Mountain High School, NUFP Mentee, Greek Life representative, Multi-Cultural Greek Council
LSC Love: "I love that the Lory Student Center is a place for all students. There are so many different resources in the student center that a student can always find what they are looking for. The LSC feels like my second home because I am always there."


Noah Sandoval      
Major/Minor:  Engineering Education / Spanish
College: Engineering / Liberal Arts
Year: Senior

Campus and Community Involvements: Ram Leadership Team, Slice UADY Leadership Exchange, Engineering College Council, Larimer County Search and Rescue Team, Volunteer at Irish Elementary, Knights of the Green and Gold, Honors Peer Mentor
LSC Love: "What I love about the Lory Student Center is that it has been my home for the last four years. It may not have held my bed, but I have taken countless naps on its chairs and couches. My kitchen may be miles away, but it is here where I have shared many meals with my truest of friends. I have not once paid rent to walk through its halls, but it is my home. The meetings which cultivated my spirit have been held in its rooms and the offices which gave me a chance to shine are under its roof. I love the Lory Student Center because it has been the rock providing my foundation. It has empowered me succeed not only here at CSU, but in my future beyond these walls which I will always call home."


Ryan Seyedian      
Major/Minor: Music Education / Business
College: Liberal Arts
Year: Senior

Campus and Community Involvements: Marching Band, Summer Music Camp, Ramskeller Student Manager
LSC Love:  "The Lory Student Center is the central hub of CSU. It is a place where you can find people of all different backgrounds and majors. Since I started working in the LSC, I have been able to meet many new people from around campus and have made some great new friends that I would not have if I did not work there. I have greatly enhanced my business and personal skills through these endeavors. The Lory Student Center staff is a community within the greater CSU community, and over the past four years it has become one of my favorite buildings on campus."


Austin Shreve      
Major/Minor:  Construction Management
College: Applied Human Science
Year: Senior

Campus and Community Involvements:  2012-2013 Colorado Contractor Association (CCA) Student Chapter President, 2012-2013 AJC Heavy Civic Competition Team Captain, 2011-2012 CCA Vice President , AGC member, ASC Student Competition participant
LSC Love:  "Being a non-traditional student and having attended other colleges, I have thoroughly appreciated all the Lory Student Center has offered. Initially, the Adult Learner and Veteran Services helped me establish a path for success as well as introduced me to what the campus had to offer. Additionally, the Lory Student Center housed many events and opportunities for me to experience things I could only have dreamed of. Outside of being a venue for great events, the LSC has created an environment to meet friends, develop relationships, and encounter diversity at every corner. Colorado State University is a school of dynamic cultures and people, and I always feel reminded of how diverse and unique our school is when I spend time at the student center."