New Year, New Lory Student Center

LSC Renovation and 20-Year Master Plan

The Lory Student Center maintains a 20-year Master Plan which is an ever-evolving document used as a guide for the renovations and updates that happen throughout the building. Students and other key constituents are surveyed on a regular basis to determine if we’re on the right track for continuing to provide the venues, programs and services that are needed. The Master Plan addresses the following key issues:

  • Celebrate the purpose & mission of the Lory Student Center.
  • Expand capacity in venues.
  • Improve programming opportunities by creating unique & flexible environments.
  • Clarify circulation in the LSC.
  • Upgrade building infrastructure to be sustainable & supportive of next generation technology.
  • Develop a phased implementation strategy.

The next phase in the strategy is to renovate the existing theatre.

Legacy of the LSC

Time Capsule

In Preparation for the Revitalization, the 1987 Lory Student Center Time Capsule was revealed on Wednesday, September 26.

Student's submitted their favorite pop culture quote, planking pic, meme, and LSC Memories on Facebook and Twitter* in order to be a part of the history to be unveiled in the year 2037.

Time Capsule


LSC Theatre Beam Signing